​best portable air conditioner 2019

​The best portable air conditioner 2019 is easy to maneuver (wheels and deep handles), simple to program (a working remote and clear displays), and aesthetically pleasing enough to be a permanent fixture for the summer. We brought in eight well-reviewed machines from trusted brands to try for ourselves and ended up with three favorites that will cool rooms of any size.

​Top 10 ​​best Portable Air Conditioners 2019

Features To Consider When Buying a Portable Air Conditioner

best ​portable air conditioner 2019

It is always important to buy the right ​best portable air conditioners ​2019 designed to perform the task it was meant to do. If you buy a different one, you are certainly going to get disappointed. That is why it’s essential to consider the different features of the air conditioner before making the final buying decision. Which portable air conditioner will suit your need the most? What features are the most important to consider? This guide will help you select the right model that ticks all the right boxes for your needs.

BTU evaluation

Remember that your home doors and wall will probably have an impact on how the cool air travels. The wider the cooling space, the bigger the BTU you need for your portable AC.  For instance, an 18,000BTU air conditioner may not be enough for an apartment w​​​​ith 1,000 square foot. So, getting an AC with the right BTU capacity is very important. Another option is to take the portable AC to the room you need it or get smaller unit ACs for each room in the apartment.

In addition, you need to consider each room’s ambient heat. For instance, if there is enough sunlight in your bedroom on a daily basis, then the bedroom’s ambient heat will be higher.  This is also applicable where you make use of appliances that generate heat. You are likely going to increase the AC’s BTU if your room is facing a similar scenario.

Single functional or multifunctional units

Some air conditioners also play the role of a dehumidifier.  This function will be great to remove moisture from the air. However, a single functioning unit may be more effective since they were designed specifically for air conditioning. 

Yes, you may have the benefit of having two functions with one multifunctional AC unit. But it will be less effective than the single functional one. In most cases, appliances that work for different purposes are less effective than those specifically designed for a specific purpose.

Single hose or Dual Hose

Portable ACs come in either single hose or dual hose. For the single hose, the intake and exhaust hose are the same.  On the other hand, dual hose ACs have different intake and exhaust hoses. This makes them cool quicker than the single hose ACs. If you are going to use the AC in a moderately sized room, there is no need for a dual hose AC. A single model will work just fine. However, if the cooling environment is large, a dual-hose AC will be more ideal.

AC/Heat combo

There are some air conditioners that can serve as a heater. These models save the cost of buying a heating system for your home. You can consider these models if you stay in a cold environment.


Normally, all portable ACs make a bit of noise when they are operational. This sound may not be noticed during the day. But at night, the sound may be a bit disturbing to your sleep. But some are quieter. 

You can find some designs that are built to conceal their working sound. To make sure you buy a quiet one, you can look at the promotional materials of the particular AC model. Any company who has taken their time to design a quieter AC will definitely include it in their promotions.

Look at the label and other features. You could also do well by looking at reviews of portable ACs. You can find one or two that have a quite feature people are talking about.

Programmable thermostat

Some ​portable air conditioners ​have programmable thermostats that allow the user to set the right temperature they need.  You can set it to turn off when the room temperature reaches a certain level. You can also program the air conditioner to begin cooling at certain times. This type of feature enables better usability. It can also help you to conserve energy by setting the air conditioner to shut down at certain times of the day.

Auto drain system

Condensation system is another feature you have to look for in a portable AC. Some AC systems have no-drip air systems that evaporate the liquid from condensation through the air. Here, you don’t have to empty anything. But the partial drip system takes out most of the liquid through the air but leaves some deposits in the drip pan.  You have to check the pan occasionally to empty the condensate.

However, the drip air systems deposit all the liquids in the pan, which may fill up pretty fast in some cases.  Here, you are going to constantly be emptying the pan, unlike the partial or drip free AC. So, for convenience sake, the drip-free AC is the most ideal. You are not going to be bothered about emptying the liquid because everything evaporates into the air.

The portability

Definitely when you are reaching out to know which kind of AC you would need, and looking for a portable AC, the portability, easy placement, and handling are also some of the features you need to look for in order to get the benefits you have been looking for. The weight, size and the assisting wheels may m let you know how portable the selected AC would be for your use. Most commonly the portable AC units are easy to handle and are designed with a compact structure so that you don’t have to face any hassle.

Power source needed

Knowing the required power source is necessary and make sure the portable AC accepts the average AC power source that is supplied in your area. You may also know the consumption of electricity in case if you are in need of an energy star product that consumes lesser energy than average ACs do.

These are the most important features you have to consider when buying ​the ​10 portable air conditioner 2018.  The model you select will depend on your air cooling needs and the cooling environment. And it’s important to read through reviews before making your buying decision.  This will help you select the perfect AC that does the job effectively.

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